Episode #110 – I. Declare. Excommunication!

The Boss

The Boss

Have menstruating women been banned from taking part in temple baptisms?

Have menstruating women been banned from doing baptisms in the temple? Peggy Fletcher Stack and Obama’s David Axelrod say yes.

Al gives us a beautiful reading of Leviticus 15.

Check out the infographic to your left. The Church put it out. It’s nifty!

A bishop who failed to report sexual abuse gets sentenced.

Feminism and women’s roles in the Church. What’s good? What’s bad? Joanna Brooks has some thoughts.

The Church is trying to buy a piece of 100 S. in Provo. Could this be the Main Street Plaza debacle all over again?

Assorted stuff – A new For the Strength of Youth pamphlet; the Church has loads of schools in Tonga; awesome Mormon movie; and homeless people get a job at SXSW.


  1. Mitt, chauvinism, and feminism
  2. Plea deal for LDS bishop
  3. No temple menstruation, please
  4. David Axelrod tweets temple menstruation
  5. Mitt goes Bubba
  6. Reservations for the Kansas City Temple
  7. For the Strength of Youth
  8. Closing 100 S.
  9. More schools in Tonga than anywhere else!
  10. Meetinghouse controversy in Queens
  11. Homeless 4G hotspots

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