Eyesore Much?

Elder Holland visits Harvard. Will Apostles play a greater role in actual testifying to the masses in the future?

Conference predictions! Porn? Public Affairs? Judgment?

What are your Priesthood Session traditions? Chuck-A-Rama? Dairy Queen? The grocery store?

Mormons replace Bonnaroo. The Shins are not holy enough.

Orange County LDS teens have their own prom. Way to reach out to the community, guys.

Neighbors take issue with the massive new MTC building. Do LDS neighbors have an obligation to support an eyesore in their neighborhood?

Are primary songs sexist?

Assorted: City Creek opens and the First Presidency attends; Mitt Romney’s cousin is somehow important; Apostles explained; first YSA stake outside of Utah to be organized in Virginia; a day in the life of two sister missionaries

Rub my belly:

  1. First YSA stake outside of UT
  2. Mormon Apostles?
  3. Liahonaroooooo
  4. Holland rocks Harvard
  5. City Creek opens
  6. The Provo City Center Temple – Official
  7. Park Romney is mean
  8. A day in the life of missionaries
  9. Mammoth storehouse
  10. Mormon teens have own prom
  11. Priesthood traditions
  12. HUGE MTC building