This Guy Has Nothing to Do With This Week’s Episode. We Just Googled “Happy Mormon” and His Shining Countenance Showed Up

What an exciting week. We’re joined by… no one other than ourselves, and we like it that way. Lots of fun news to cover. And make sure to watch the amazing CES fireside with Elder Marlin K. Jensen below.


  1. Church buys Haun’s Mill and other sites from RLDS
  2. Kansas City Temple dedicated – Al’s on-site reporting
  3. NASA scientist is translating the Book of Mormon in to Hebrew
  4. Be a guest conductor for MoTab! We call on the TWiM faithful to troll this thing.
  5. Teaching the Stone in the Hat
  6. The Mormon way of business
  7. Church changes its census reporting methods
  8. A Mother’s Day PSA