This Week in Mormons will change your life. OK, not really, but it’ll at least entertain you for an hour.

  1. Mass resignations from the Church in Salt Lake
  2. Letter of resignation
  3. Why I fired my Mormon handyman. Stupid
  4. Age study of prophets’ voices
  5. Cher upsets everyone
  6. Why are Mormons so ridiculously patriotic?
  7. Oil fields disrupt a mission. This isn’t the first time North Dakota has ruined lives.
  8. Elder Holland in Africa
  9. Missions refine
  10. Meetinghouse vandalized in Cedar City
  11. Mormon swimmer going to Olympics
  12. Family dinner is back!
  13. Moms of Mormon missionaries need a support group. Wimps.
  14. Percentage of Americans who won’t vote for a Mormon unchanged since 1967