This Makes Us So Happy

Is TWiM better now or two years ago? You tell us!

Warning: This week’s episode contains spoilers from The Dark Knight Rises. Skip from 13:30-20:40.

  1. Marriott (the man) is against gay marriage. His company is not.
  2. A history of the Church’s exercises in logos, fonts, and branding
  3. Are Mormons closer to Muslims?
  4. Rebuttal
  5. Mormons in the Olympics
  6. Elder Steven E. Snow goes Obama
  7. Romney’s Gay America
  8. Plans go ahead for Pres. Monson’s 85th
  9. Boise Temple rededication dates
  10. Tijuana Temple groundbreaking
  11. Farewell, Mac Christensen
  12. No more Mr. Nice Mormon