Episode #133 – Coffee Ice Cream and the Unpardonable Sin

Should women have more callings in the Church? McKay Coppins goes to church with Mitt Romney, who then indulges in coffee ice cream.







Mormons! Mormons! Everywhere!

Lots of political/Mormon news this week from both major US parties. Mormon Democrats plan to make an appearance in Charlotte, and Mitt Romney will more openly embrace his Mormonism at the Republican convention in Tampa. Wild.

McKay Coppins goes to church with Mitt Romney, then Mitt Romney goes and eats coffee ice cream. WE ARE SO CONFUSED.

How do we give Mormon women greater roles and responsibilities in the Church? Some Salt Lake Tribune writers have a few ideas, most of which involve bankruptcy (Al’s opinion).

President Monson turns 85! Swedes everywhere rejoice!

Some assorted fun: Emily Maynard goes to Church; Utah tops in the nation in charitable giving; race is still a problem in the Church; Brigham City Temple open house starts; Tijuana Temple ground broken; former kidnapped Russian missionaries reunite.

…and Tumblr has a delightful little post full of Mormon memes.

  1. Mormon Democrats in Charlotte
  2. Romney’s Mormonism in Tampa
  3. McKay goes to church with Mitt
  4. Mitt loves coffee ice cream
  5. Giving women greater roles
  6. Utah tops charitable giving
  7. President Monson turns 85
  8. Emily Maynard attends church
  9. Missionaries who were abducted in Russia reunite
  10. Race is still a problem for the Church
  11. Brigham City Temple open house

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