Episode #134 – Mormon Milk Makes Mormon Cheese

We break down NBC's "Rock Center" special on Mormonism; a large, anti-Romney neon sign; Mitt owes money to Mormon descendants; and FOOD!


Great stuff this week. We build a lot of discussion around last week’s Rock Center with Brian Williams special on Mormonism. Business? Family? Cheese? Temples? Garments? Joanna Brooks and feminism? Abby Huntsman speaks with no authority? We cover it all.

Have you grown red bell peppers? Geoff fancies himself an expert. Al fancies Geoff a moron.

Lots of Mitt Romney stuff – CNN special highlighting his faith; a “Romney is a Racist” neon sign in California; Mitt owes millions of dollars to the descendants of the Arizona Flakes; and Jon Voight makes lame jokes.

Want to flip off missionaries? Prepare to flip your car in the process.

KSV-TV will not air a new NBC show featuring a gay couple. It’s better to show grisly crime scene shows or programs with wanton sexual references.

Other stuff – Mormon eating habits, a documentary about Joseph Smith’s presidential run, atheists hate Mormons and Jesus, and BACK TO SEMINARY!

  1. How dare you mention female ordination on national television
  2. Mormons won’t air “The New Normal”
  3. Romney is a racist – in glorious neon
  4. Doc about Joseph Smith’s presidential run
  5. Flip the bird, flip the car
  6. Mormon food culture
  7. Jon Voight is unfunny
  8. Mitt Romney owes me money
  9. Atheists want you to join their church
  10. Martin Macneil has his day in court

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