Do It for Geoff’s Birthday

Mitt Romney is now the Republican Presidential nominee. At the Tampa convention, innocent old people touted Mitt’s spiritual awesomeness. Awesome for the Church or using Church callings for political gain?

On a similar note, Romney’s ward in New Hampshire, near Lake Winnipesaukee, spent a fast and testimony meeting testifying of him as a candidate and what he has done for the Church. Why bother testifying of Christ and the Atonement when Mitt Romney is there?

FINALLY – the Church dispels the notion that caffeine in and of itself is prohibited under the Word of Wisdom. Geoff will be starting a cottage industry selling Coke to innocent BYU students and Provo residents.

Don’t convert exchange students. Just stop it. Or at least let them get baptized once back in their homeland.

Some smaller bits – Larry Wilmore does a special on Mormonism in Salt Lake City; a BYU student is either a diabolical genius capable of sliding innuendo under the radar in the Daily Universe, or she is just dumb.

  1. Drink your Coke. Just don’t get addicted to caffeine.
  2. Devious plans to sell Coke in Provo
  3. I know that Mitt Romney is true.
  4. Mormons are politically neutral
  5. Leave exchange students alone
  6. Larry Wilmore in Salt Lake
  7. Marriage isn’t just a happy ending