The Killers’ Brandon Flowers makes all of us proud to be Mormon as he fights off meanness from those soulless Swedes and Brits.

The Church runs Google Ads using Mitt Romney’s name. Pretty sneaky!

Should Mormons buy advertising in the playbook for The Book of Mormon musical? Salt Lake says yes, and they have done it! They have done it!

BYU students lead a campaign to bring caffeinated beverages to campus. Every student reserves the right to eat fry sauce and be a good Mormon.

LDS Democrats convene in Charlotte to show how pluralistic the Church is. *cough*

A second Mormon stake in Russia is organized in St. Petersburg. Awesome! We track some other stake growth around thew world. is amazing!

Elder Holland gives an impressive CES Fireside. Be a better Mormon. Don’t exercise self-righteous judgment. Exercise righteous judgment.

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