BYU’s caffeine movement starts to fizzle. True believers will get their fix at the local Albertson’s.

Elder Oaks instructs us not to join paramilitary groups and to save food, instead. Sound advice from a judge and apostle, unless you are into cults or tea parties.

A British bloke gives us a treatise on exciting aspects of Church doctrine, namely the potential to be gods; all of this in a favorable piece about why he loves Mormons.

Why do we need to tread lightly around the cultural needs of Muslims but not the sensitivities of Mormons? Come on, liberals! Accept and respect all!

The Huffington Post elucidates the fine world of being a mid-single by interviewing a chumpy mid-single dude. Why are mid-single men so weak? Be stronger, wimps!

Assorted: Church reaffirms its political neutrality and non-Romneyness, Iraq gets a new ambassador – guess what religion he is? And blacks in the history of the Church and the priesthood. Lots to learn. What are your thoughts?

  1. Caffeine movement is weak, like Ukraine
  2. Peggy Fletcher Stack (and E. Oaks) don’t want you to join fringe groups
  3. Why I Love Mormonism
  4. Why is it OK to mock Mormons but not others?
  5. The woes of mid-singles
  6. Church reaffirms political stance
  7. Mormon RM to be ambassador to Iraq
  8. Nobody knows – The Untold Story of Black Mormons