So much stuff! Let’s cut to the chase.

Wear Pants to Church Day is real. Do you ladies actually feel so maligned that this is necessary? Or is it just stupid? Tell us!

Elder David Archuleta draws attention to himself by singing his heart out in Chile. Good job, David. You sing. You are a missionary.

Cool video goes around about BYU-Hawaii’s Muslim BYUSA president. Strong.

When does it become OK to marry a non-Mormon? What’s more important? Temple marriage in an OK relationship or civil marriage in a great one?

The Mormons and Gays website goes up. It’s one big olive branch to the gay community and those close to it. Pretty neat, though it leaves us questioning what our quick soundbyte stance actually is on gay rights.

The Mormon Tabernacle choir revs up for its Christmas concerts with Alfie Boe and Tom Brokaw.

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  2. Elder Archuleta sings
  3. Should I marry a non-Mormon?
  4. Honduras Temple dedication dates
  5. Mormons and Gays
  6. MoTab and Alfie Boe