It’s our 150th show! Crazy! Thanks for nearly three great years!

What did you think of Wear Pants to Church day? Was it useful? Was it justified? Was it stupid? Did you wear pants to church?

Emilie Parker, and LDS girl, among the dead in the Newtown tragedy. Thoughts from her father and bishop. And us.

Speaking of, KSL suspends all gun classifieds. What does this MEAN?

20 reasons why it was awesome to be a Mormon in 2012. We love Buzzfeed sometimes.

Has the perception of Mormonism changed because of the Mormon Moment? Not really. Live soldiers on.

And the Church is running ads on Spotify. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

  1. 20 reasons why 2012 was awesome for Mormons
  2. Joanna Brooks loves to wear pants to church, but was this a misfire?
  3. Emilie Parker remembered
  4. KSL takes down gun classifieds
  5. The Mormon Moment did nothing for perception of Mormons
  6. MoTab, Alfie Boe, and Tom Brokaw do Christmas