Mitt Romney is killing it in Times and Seasons’ Mormon of the Year contest. It’s Mittmania all over again!

The MTC suffers a flu epidemic, killing nearly all on board.

We discuss the pros and cons of the current format for Gospel Doctrine – thematic lessons vs. more historical ones. Which is better? We let you decide.

Congress gets an openly bisexual and formerly LDS woman. What does this mean for your weekend?

A singles ward bishop bilks his congregation out of money. It’s a sad world when we can’t just trust someone for being LDS, let alone our bishop.

Stupid trends in Mormon marketing. There seems to be a product for just about everything, and we buy them solely because we are dumb Mormons.

Also – The National Cathedral is to allow gay marriages; Elder Andersen speaks to the youth; Sunstone actually has a non-jackweed conference; MoTab dedicates its performance to the Newtown victims.

And Lehi changes the name of “Morning Glory Road.” Pity.