Are gay Boy Scouts coming? It appears the Boy Scouts might finally life their ban on having gay Boy Scouts.

Speaking of gay stuff, Joanna Brooks writes a thoughtful piece about an openly gay young man currently serving a mission. This is seriously thought-provoking stuff here.

Also, a group has organized to take care of homeless LGBT Mormon youth who have been disowned by their families. Sad.

The Provo City Center Temple gets serious designs. Let the speculation cease!

After being declared Mormon of the Year by Times and Seasons, Mitt Romney shows up again in DC, but nobody cares.

A great Church history conference called “Approaching Antiquity: Joseph Smith and the Ancient World” is coming. Attend!

Other news – the Church might block a train in Florida as retribution for years of everyone else blocking its own construction projects; a great Mormon satirical paper in the spirit of The Onion; a fire clears a church building; and in our most axiomatic statement of the week – it is difficult to be in high school in Utah and not be LDS. You heard it here first, folks.

The evil spawn of Peggy Fletcher Stack and Kevin Barney

The evil spawn of Peggy Fletcher Stack and Kevin Barney