Episode #158 – The Dying Is All Part of It

Bye, guys!
The Boss

The Boss

The Pope resigns. Could a resignation ever happen in the LDS Church or do we have succession all figured out? Why do the apostles serve life terms?
Bye, guys!
Bye, guys!

The Pope resigns. Could we ever see a similar thing happen to the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Why do the Brethren stay until death? Can they leave if they choose? How did we establish prophetic succession?

President Monson continues celebrating five years with five articles about various things accomplished during his tenure. Fun.

Speaking of fun., the band fun. won the Grammy for Best New Artist. Do we need further evidence that the Grammys are a crock?

The Church is working with Utah lawmakers on a gay rights bill.

Utah and the Mormon Church are also now the central focus of President Obama’s immigration reform plans. Because no one knows how to treat Hispanics like Utahans.

After the Boy Scouts vote is postponed, questions arise as to whether the Church had a hand in it. The Church has also praised the postponement.

Other stuff – Yeah Samake fights for freedom but doesn’t explain how to do it; the Church settles a protest dispute in Brigham City; the Tegucigalpa Temple opens its doors; the Tabernacle Choir streams video for Valentine’s Day and it’s a big deal…

…and a Mormon woman shakes it at Carnival. She wants to feel many-a-man’s hand on her.


This is the first image that shows up in a Google search for "Prophet dies."
This is the first image that shows up in a Google search for “Prophet dies.”


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