I'm catcher or I'm nothing!

I’m catcher or I’m nothing!

Should we ordain women to the priesthood? A new webpage says yes. What do you think?

In other feminist news, women will, allegedly, pray this General Conference. We think this is a welcome change of events.

Is tithing considered a choice or a required expenditure? The IRS says the former. A poor rich guy in Manhattan says the latter.

Did the Catholics baptize the dead? Maybe, but before they were Catholics.

The Church puts up a new website for members in or around China. Strange, but useful. And yes, you can get a patriarchal blessing.

The Tegucigalpa Temple is dedicated. Hooray!

Other news: Biggest pinewood derby track, ever, two Utah Jazz dancers get mission calls, a poignant piece about the struggles of being a bishop, what is the value in doubt in our faith? BYU is the hottest and smartest school in the US, cousins and BFFs are called to the same mission! Joanna Brooks loses it over Stephene Meyers, and a “flash mob” results in a proposal and some smooches (plus side boob) for a missionary arriving in an airport.