Episode #168 – Build Your Legos to God 2

The Boss

The Boss

The Mormon Samurai Bishop! We have the exclusive! Geoff decides to HELP a Mormon prom. A family builds Lego temples, and Al rents an apartment. Tune in!

No dominant story this week. Just lots of golden nuggets. Enjoy!

But to give you a teaser, we say such things as:

  • “I touched so many old things!”
  • “He was staring down 29 inches of razor.”
  • “Maybe he still loves Jesus, but he has long hair still.”
  • “Geoff, I’ve listened to your music and all of it is synthesizer drama….What will you play for these poor children?”
  • “I’m plucking. I’m PLUCKING!”
  • “Get off this woman!”
He is going to ride this wave
He is going to ride this wave



He's Gone Color!
He’s Gone Color!

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