Episode #169 – Soul Kissing

Please SHARE TWiM with your friends! The MTC weighs expansion options. Should we even follow a movie ratings systems? The Church endorses BSA proposals.


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Lots of stuff happening at BYU, namely a restructuring of the campus parking and roads, as well as proposed extensions of the MTC. What will HAPPEN?

Do you watch Rated R movies? What policies should we follow as Latter-day Saints when it comes to the media we consume?

The Church appears ready to accept Boy Scouts of America’s suggested changes to their admission policy. It’s a tacit an endorsement, but an endorsement nonetheless.

Why can we openly rally against the Church’s liberal immigration reform stance, but it is verboten to speak out in favor of gay marriage? Are there disconcerting parallels here?

In other news – soul kissing: do you do it? Mitt Romney speaks at SVU graduation, H David appointed to Utah’s commission on poverty, “Hannibal” is pulled from KSL, and copper wiring has been stolen from LDS meetinghouses?

Also, every single Mormon who was on “The Voice” has been booted. Just like that.

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