Episode #176 – Transform the Booze

Miss Utah is our hero! The Church clarifies cannery changes (again)! Glenn beck - prophet, seer, and instigator; Geoff looms over primary; and Al needs love
The Irish have decided Lebron is gay
The Irish have decided Lebron is gay

City Creek nets a huge profit. The Gateway suffers. How does this affect Mormons not living in Salt Lake City? Will the tithing burden be lowered due to a surplus?!

The Church comes out and clarifies all sorts of nonsense pertaining to Canpocalypse. Not every cannery in the world is closing, people. In fact, none of them are.

Miss Utah – what do we even say? Love me?

Glenn Beck is a prophet, seer, and instigator.

Al just wants to be liked. Like him, folks!

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