Episode #177 – Reboot?! I Never Even Booted!

Where Do We Go from Here?
The Boss

The Boss

DOMA and Prop 8 get killed by SCOTUS. The Church weighs in. Huge changes are coming for Mormon missionaries, namely social media! Porn sucks. Armenia rocks!
Where Do We Go from Here?
Where Do We Go from Here?

Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 are struck down. What does this mean for Mormons? The Church weighs in without much heavyhandedness. Let’s talk about gay rights for a bit, folks.

Big changes are coming to the missionary program, including missionaries having Facebook pages and offering tours of our chapels. More saving. More doing. That’s the power of the Mormon Missionary Program.

Pornography addiction isn’t just a Mormon problem. It’s a societal problem. A great article in The Atlantic breaks it all down.

Other news: Armenia gets a stake, MTC in Mexico, vague sex words, a trailer for the Russian Mormon kidnapping film, and a Church is gutted for Habitat for Humanity. Go Jimmy Carter!

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