Episode #178 – We Hated Each Other, So We Rubbed

Remember This?
A big fight breaks out during and after church over seat saving! SEAT SAVING! We love it. Also, Joseph Smith goes back on trial; and SNL is on KSL.

Geoff sends his greetings from Denmark. Enjoy his grumpy fatigue.

Best news of the year – a major altercation/fight/car smashing breaks out at church over seat saving. SEAT SAVING! There is a God, and he has a plan for us all.

Joseph Smith to go back on trial 169 years after his martyrdom. Elder Dallin H. Oaks wants in on the action.

Saturday Night Live is finally set to appear on KSL, though KSL says it hasn’t been a question of content, but sports. Hrm…

A missionary dies while trying to fix his roof. Lame.

Logan Police abuse Church private property by using church parking lots to hide and radar people. Utah State will never be the same.

And… Elder Holland pitches for the Evil Dodgers. Also, tons of double entendre.


Remember This?
Remember This?


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