Episode #181 – Pioneer Day Sucks

A NYT article discusses the doubt people experience in discovering seldom-addressed aspects of Church history. How do we deal with doubt? Happy Pioneer Day!


Happy Pioneer Day to all of you! The rest of us were working and making America’s economy stronger.

A busy week in Mormon news. An article in the New York Times discusses how members of the Church discover seldom-discussed aspects of Church history on the Internet, and subsequently experience doubt or wavering faith. What can be done about this? Are people justified in experiencing doubt or is this part of a larger problem? A few outlets contest the article, both in terms of content and format. We discuss our own thoughts on doubt and the shadier parts of Church history.

Does Bryce Harper represent the “post-Mormon” era – one in which we don’t care about “how Mormon” a celebrity or sports star is and care even less about the Church’s image involving khakis, polo shirts, and parted hair?

Michael Ballam, known to many of you for his work in the temple movie, is arrested in Cache Valley. Satan has been chained!

In other Pioneer Day news – a bakery in Ogden uses the “same” recipe as early pioneers when baking its mind-blowing muffins. Get those muffins, people. Eat then. Also, Elder Holland receives an award for his purported manliness, and another guy argues that today’s immigrants to America greatly resemble the early pioneers of the Church. You know, because immigrants today go on great treks and are welcome in the communities they choose to live in. They aren’t marginalized at all….

Other news: a missionary dies tragically in Guatemala – what is with the rising number of missionary deaths? The Provo Temple is named among America’s ugliest churches; unsanctioned “I’m a Mormon” videos are the future (Al has a great idea); a missionary gets free shoes; the Hartford Connecticut Temple breaks ground; online seminary might be coming to a darkened bedroom near you….

…and Mali’s election is finally underway. Will Yeah Samake win and be the first Mormon  head of state in world history? Find out on Sunday.

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