Lots to cover this week, so we’ll cut to the chase.

Yeah Samake is a Mormon failure. Seriously. After all that hype?

The Saints in Britain celebrate the 150th anniversary of the missionaries arriving in England and starting up the Baseball Baptisms program. Wait…

There’s a new temple film! First new stuff in nearly 25 years! We break down what we know about it and discus whether the continuance of the all-white cast is a problem or a non-issue.

Did the Church attack porn servers? A trace of a server attack pins the origin on the Church-only zip code of Temple Square, the Conference Center, and office buildings. Interesting.

Is the label “porn addict” more harmful than it is a valuable caution? Speakers at the Sunstone Symposium argue that we need to acknowledge our natural sexuality and seek constructive goals that don’t freak us into depression.

Assorted: More missionary deaths; Mormons are least likely to be smokers; Joseph Smith Senior’s descendants descend upon This Is the Place Park; bad, bad Mormon art; Elders will be sisters; and more!

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