**WARNING** We deal with some slightly more mature subject matter on this show. Don’t listen if you can’t handle matter-of-fact language about sexual topics. It’s dealt with in an appropriate way and isn’t that bad. We just want you to be advised.

Should bishops stop “sexually invasive” interviews with minors in the Church? We would love your thoughts.

President Monson turns 86! Four more years!

Orson Scott card is crazy. Seriously, he’s crazier than Hooch.

The Hartford, Connecticut Temple’s groundbreaking is underway. President Monson was on hand to sound tired and deliver some remarks. Also, a local chapter of Patch describes the difference between a meetinghouse and a temple.

TheĀ Book of Mormon warned us about the NSA! King Noah was parchment-tapping everyone!

Also, Democrats disenfranchised Mormons in Idaho in order to attain statehood, and BYU gets a gay professor!

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