Episode #188 – The Mormon Sex Not Even Once Club

What's Our Moral Obligation?
Does "The Not Even Once Club" totally miss the mark? Do Mormons have an obligation to stand up to tyranny as much as they do to pornography? Listen in now!
What's Our Moral Obligation?
What’s Our Moral Obligation?

This week’s episode! Serious commentary! Humor! Rubbing beards on pop filters!

Are all of the problems in Syria telling of the second coming? Is this the “burden of Damascus” prophesied of in Isaiah 17?

Likewise, another piece that argues the Church should do more to stand up against dictators and those who use money and power to conjure up evil. The author even paraphrases some temple stuff, so bully for her.

How can doubt help us grow? The biggest difference might be in how a bishop or stake president deals with it.

The Not Even Once Club, a children’s book by Elder Nelson’s wife, comes under serious fire for promoting the wrong message to little kids – that you can be part of a candy-doling club if you are perfect and never make any mistakes. Is this totally out of bounds? Just missed the mark? Wonderful and joyous? Listen in.

Denver Snuffer, a famed Mormon thinker and author, faces excommunication for alleging that the Church has caved to outside influences and slowly apostatized from the church restored by Joseph Smith. There haven’t been many high-profile incidents like this in a long time. We’re not judges in Israel, but we still have our opinions.

Hey Mormons! Stop being so uptight about sex. When sex is to be had, have the sex.

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