Michael At His Finest

Well well well. Time for another radically gnarly show! P’shaw!

What’s with the Church’s new religious freedom push? Let’s talk about it.

Seminary students get new scripture mastery scriptures, and Al is livid! LIVID!

The famed story of the three boys who helped the Martin handcart company cross the Sweetwater river is a myth. Totally made up.

Denver Snuffer, a prominent writer and progressive fundamentalist, is excommunicated. We feel weird talking about his personal experience, but he openly blogs about it, so… open season!

other news – Bryn Terfel wants his fellow Brits to be nicer to Mormons; Steve Young speaks at the Affirmation conference and delights everyone; 11500 LDS families in the Philippines displaced due to flooding – nevermind the 400,000 other people in trouble; Beyond 5 is the greatest Mormon pop band since Sons of Provo; the Polynesian Cultural Center turns 50 – and Mormon feminists against Mormon feminists.

It’s all right here, right now, on DDD.


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