It’s back! After six long months, we return to give you our wonderful Tie Tracker™! For the uninitiated, every General Conference, aside from listening to living prophets, we keep track of the neckware fashion trends of every speaker (sorry ladies, we’ve yet to create a Business Skirt Tracker™). We monitor the color and style of every tie worn. On top of keeping the chart (below) updated with each speaker, we also provide recaps of each session.

Past Conferences have shown us that President Uchtdorf is the only one of the Brethren who changes his tie for every single session. President Monson often changes it up, as well. Ol’ Hal Eyring, though, loves his stripes and sees no need to budge.

So what will happen?! Will anyone rock the gnarly paisleys we saw in the last Conference? Will stripes continue to dominate? Will red? Will orange make a comeback after a full year out of the spotlight?

Bookmark this page and come back often for updates. Also, we hope you’ll join us on Twitter for live commentary. Read past the chart for a breakdown of each session.

Enjoy Conference! And please share the Tie Tracker™ with the whole world!

*Note – We now break down a single tie into fractions if there is no dominant color or style, President Eyring’s tie to start the session being a great example.

Sunday Afternoon Session

Well! What a conference. Let’s break down the final numbers.

Red edged out blue in the color battle. Purple had a surprisingly strong showing, but paled in comparison to the others. Gold also did pretty well.

Patterns actually beat stripes, which is a rarity, but it was only by a toenail. The incredible thing was the poor showing from any other style, with only four ties from dots, solids, or paisleys.

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Sunday Morning Session

Gotta love President Eyring’s mustardy tie. Strong move there.

For those who notice some screwy fractions, we were trying to divide tie colors into thirds. This is what happens with stripes.

President Monson’s purple stripes filled our souls with joy and wonder, as does the man himself.

And how about the coral worn by President Uchtdorf?! Bold!

Priesthood Session

Nothing shocking here, but gold finally got some more love. Yay for gold! President Uchtdorf has given us three ties today. Can’t say the same for his colleagues.

Still no orange.

Saturday Afternoon Session

Patterns surged a bit this afternoon, passing stripes by one tie length. Colors, on the other hand, will barely budge. Just so much blue!

Honestly, even though stripes and patterns tend to dominate, it’s baffling that two sessions in, we have only seen one tie in sixteen not be a pattern or a stripe.

Saturday Morning Session

Well other than giving the single best talk in ages, President Uchtdorf capped off a strong performance for blue and stripes, both of which are typical of Conference. Indeed, blue and red had the best representation, with a hotly-debated black tie being the only outlier, worn by Elder Hales.

Let’s all say a prayer that some sort of yellow paisley makes an appearance in the next session.