**WARNING** Geoff was hopped up on codeine when we recorded this. There’s no saying what happens.

Happy to be with you as we gear up for General Conference. What a great week! Of course, we have Conference predictions for you.

An “Ask Angela” letter ponders whether one should “intervene” when a friend gets into a serious relationship with a non-member. Because, you know, putting your nose where it doesn’t belong is bound to end well.

In light of the Spencer Hadley fiasco, is BYU hypocritical in the way it handles Honor Code violations? Should Honor Code violations be public?

Bryce Harper isn’t “gonna be Tim Tebow.” His tweets alone are worth a thousand baptisms in the field.

Alex Boye makes his own One Direction cover. We’re convinced he was put up to this by the young men in his ward.

The Church wants to destroy relocate Provo’s oldest home.

Rappers and General Authorities!

Elder Oaks raps in Illinois about Joseph Smith’s habeas corpus trial.

Having questions about the Church is GOOD!

And lots of other fun stuff.

I’m a player