Episode #193 – Shaming Modesty


How Pharisaical are we in our own pursuit of modesty? In encouraging others to develop good habits of modesty? A BYU student received one of “those” letters, decrying her alleged disrespect for her enticing physique and inability to understand that she controls the thoughts of illiterate boys.

More missionary deaths. We’re extremely concerned that this just keeps happening, with two back-to-back last week.

For those of you who served missions, did you feel that your health was well looked after or was it a mess? Interesting read on some of the disappointments surrounding missionary health care.

How likely is it that Elder Quentin L. Cook someday becomes prophet? Not likely at all, according to a new “study.”

Angel Moroni makes it atop the Payson Temple. We feel that other angels should start to be represented.

In assorted news: Gawker actually defends Mormons; Elder Christofferson edits “feminist thinkers” out of his Conference talk publication; should we say the Lord’s Prayer? A Mormon on The Biggest Loser; and South Jordan gets a meetinghouse with a courtyard!

Also. Space camp.

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