Quicker show for you this week.

In an effort to equalize women, the General Young Women’s meeting and General Relief Society meeting will be combined into a semiannual General Women’s Meeting. Solid.

Transgender issues and the Church. A whole new world. How do we accommodate the needs of these saints?

All missionaries in the Philippines are OK and the Church is working actively to assist amid the devastation.

An Idaho meetinghouse is vandalized. What the heck, Idaho?

Also – we get quoted in Buzzfeed! There are rumors of a new website aimed at dealing with the “hard-hitting” issues in Church history. MoTab wins an Emmy. The Church now owns 2% of Florida. Clayton Christensen is a wonderful thinker. Sheri Dew tackles Ordain Women. Todd Christensen dies. Harry Reid is put in his place (rejoice, Republicans!)

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