Episode #200 – Paul Walker Homeless Mormon Bishop Caffeine Brave Naked Mormon Women (I Married Al’s Patronus)

This Week in Mormons 200
The Boss

The Boss

Our 200th weekly show! Thanks to all of you! A Mormon bishop dresses as a homeless man, Paul Walker dies, brave Mormon women get naked, Owen Wilson at BYU!

This Week in Mormons 200

Our 200th show! Where have four years gone? Thanks so much to all of you for sticking with us and helping This Week in Mormons grow as it has. With your help, we can keep going and bring more to the party.

Other than plenty of self-congratulating remarks, we have plenty of Mormon news to discuss this week.

David Musselman, a Mormon Bishop, dresses as a homeless man to see how his congregation reacts and to create a teaching moment. Good or weird entrapment?

Paul Walker dies. He was raised Mormon. We celebrate his classic acting. Time for everyone to watch She’s All That!

Some enterprising Provo folks start a caffeinated soda delivery business at BYU. Yup. This will last.

Brave Mormon women get nude to break boundaries and molds. Or is it just ugly porn? You decide!

Other news – Jabari Parking is rocking Duke, Mormons in India now number 11,000, an old PEW study resurrects on social media, and Owen Wilson makes a music video with BYU students!

Click for knowledge!

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