Episode #205 – The Feminists Have Won

The Boss

The Boss

The gay marriage debate in Utah continues at full steam. Updates on that. What sort of standards do we need to set for ourselves with media? Also, YouTube!


Greetings! We have a terrific show for you this week. Make sure to listen to the whole thing!

A big thank you to everyone who voted for us for Mormon of the Year! We nearly medaled; alas, such was not the case. Find out who beat us. Blast those delightful Mormon feminists! 🙂

What do you think about how we should charter our course through media? Where’s the line between childlike naivete and inappropriate content? We have a very robust discussion about this and we’d love your feedback.

Utah is struggling with its sexual identity. First gay marriage is legal. Then it’s pulled. Now, none of the marriages are recognized. Also, there was that dude who went on a hunger strike until gay marriage was overturned. He is still alive. We await his next protest.

Also, could Mormon bishops go rogue and voluntarily marry same-sex couples in states or countries where same-sex marriage is legal?

Are Mormons inherently better than other social groups? “Tiger Mom” says yes in her new book.

What are the Top 10 things you should do when you get back from your mission? #1, obviously, is subscribe to This Week in Mormons.

Other news: Las Vegas men who posed as missionaries to attempt robberies have had their trial delayed; Mitt Romney will be at a YSA conference in Arizona; What Does the Bishop Say? A first edition Book of Mormon nets an appraisal of $100,000; and Evergreen International shuts its doors.


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