Why is the Church wading in on Utah’s alcohol laws? This seems like much more activity than we typically see on Utah-specific policy. It’s sort of weird, isn’t it?

Hey, so Mitt Romney is this guy who tried twice to be president. Now, there’s some documentary about him on some site called Netflix. Al offers his review and we remember the man and the former stake president.

Mitt Romney also appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” to “Slow Jam the News.” It was weird.

An all-new LDS comedy seeks to raise the bar for quality and greatness from the abyss in which it currently resides. If we are lucky, we might get it up to the asthenosphere.

Was Noah’s ark actually a circle? Does “tight like unto a dish” have a more literal meaning than we realized? WHAT IS THE TRUTH?

A leading Arizona rabbi tours the Gilbert Temple and he likes what he sees. No word on how Jan Brewer felt.

The Church has changed its plans to redevelop the area around the Hamilton, New Zealand Temple. Originally, it wanted farms. Now it wants old-looking buildings.

Other news: a guy takes pictures of all of Utah’s temples in each season. A guy sues the Church over alleged molestation twenty years ago. The Joseph Smith movie is now on Hulu. And so much more!