Glad to be with you this week!

First off, updates on Mormons in the Olympics. We are basically in love with Noelle Pikus-Pace. She’s an awesome person. Torah Bright is also OK.

Updates on Ukraine. We have lots of Ukrainian experience and it saddens us to see a peaceful people cajoled to the edge of civil war because of leaders who don’t respect fundamental rights. No shocker here – TWiM does not support Viktor Yanukovych and never has.

Also, all missionaries are safe in Ukraine, so that’s good.

Does Frozen have a crazysexycool secret gay agenda? One misguided soul says yes. We’ll try to be objective here. Wait, no we won’t.

Building on that, what is up with Alex Boye’s much-lauded “Africanized” cover of “Let It Go”? Did we miss something?

Elder Tad R. Callister ruffles some feathers with remarks that many attribute to feeding “rape culture” – that women who dress provocatively shouldn’t be surprised when men turn into creeps. A related post by another blogger presents evidence against the notion that immodesty results in rape.

An Orem mother buys a bunch of indecent T-shirts to teach PacSun a lesson. Vote with your wallet, people. Erm…

The Church is building a mammoth residential tower next to the temple in Philadelphia. WHY?

Also, Shaun White was blessed by Mormons when he was young, and Utah fathers sue over adoption laws.