Thanks to those of you who joined us last weekend at the social media symposium in Orange County, CA! We loved seeing you there!

What do you think of the New York Times article on the growing role of women in the Church? It’s pretty solid, so much so that even the Church Newsroom is linking to it. But there are still difficult issues to address, and even though this is an episode bereft of any female commentary, we do our best.

The Church appears to be going all Buzzfeed on us with “countdown” lists. But now we have an article on three things that every returned missionary needs. Too often we assumed that RMs are impervious spiritual rock stars who don’t need looking after. Nothing could be further from the truth. Well, except Putin’s rationale for invading Crimea.

Speaking of Crimea – all missionaries serving in the area are out. Also, Putin is a total jackweed. Did we mention we hate Putin? Putin sucks. publishes an article on the Mormon belief in deification. What do we really believe when it comes to become like/a God? Society at large tends to misunderstand this.

Should we relocate Church headquarters? As in so-far-from-Utah-it-hurts? One author thinks so. We think he’s abusing controlled substances.

The Church is ordered to pay property taxes on the Preston England Temple. This isn’t the end of the world from a financial standpoint, but it is a landmark ruling that states temples are not “public” places of worship. It’ll be interesting to track it going forward.

The Gilbert Temple gets dedicated. Poor Phoenix will likely not have such hoopla about it when it dedicates its own temple in a little less than a year. Is this wrong?

Other stuff: the economics of sex, a missionary is hit by a car and killed in Sweden, and Al gets excited about sampling free food at a restaurant he owns and pays for!

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