Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn comes out as gay. Are we, as Mormons, making a bigger deal about this than we need to? Also, some questions on how actively gay one can be and still be a temple recommend-holding member. Plus, gay missionaries? Yes? No?

Infallibility.  What do Mormons really believe about it and where do we miss the mark?

Ordain Women supporters are set to wear purple at the General Women’s Meeting. Will you be wearing purple? Do you all support Weber State?

With Noah about to hit theaters, Glenn Beck decries it as terrible blasphemy. Are any of you who plan on seeing Noah going for religious reasons? Is that a thing?

Jon McNaughton releases a, erm… interesting painting of Mormon Church presidents as Boy Scouts. It’s kinda weird.

Elder Holland pays Asia a visit. Asia responds in kind.

As far as we can tell, the first woman to ever head up a CES Institute has been called. Why aren’t more women in Institute positions? Should the Church drop its insistence that Institute employees who are women be unwed and without children? For that matter, should 31-year-old single men be allowed to work in the temple?

Other stuff: why don’t women in Utah tend to run for office? Is the Church to blame? Was one woman the last to ever attend Priesthood Session at General Conference? David Archuleta is BACK!

Also, Al is depressed and Geoff feels a man’s hand on him.

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