184th Annual General Conference Tie Tracker

Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

Who brings you the best in General Conference neckware analysis? We do, at This Week in Mormons. Join us for some serious General Conference breakdown.


It’s time once more for our glorious General Conference Tie Tracker! Which fashions will reign supreme at this year’s proceedings? Will President Uchtdorf continue to bring that Sudeten class for which he is known? Will President Eyring rock some pretty jarring stripe patterns? Will President Monson wear the same tie for three days?

Find out here, as we break down the only real fashion distinction these Brethren are able to muster in their position. Bookmark this page and refresh regularly for updates!

Sunday Afternoon Session

Elder Michael John U. Teh was the hands-down winner in today’s tie battle. What was that? Stripes? Patterns? No one knows!

For a final analysis, stripes came out on top, to no real surprise. Patterns were #2. This is common in every General Conference. Shocking, though, is a complete dearth of plaid, paisley, or checkered ties. NONE.

Color-wise, brown barely made the cut, and white made a surprising appearance a few times. Also, only a hint of orange this Conference, and by whom? President Uchtdorf, of course!

Join us in six months! And please check out our various podcasts while you’re at it, will you?

Sunday Morning Session

President Monson brings home the gold! Only gold tie of the proceedings so far, yo.

Other than that, lots of curious stripe combinations today, so much so that we broke into tenths instead of the usual quarters when creating our fractions.

Also, white! We had to make a white category!

Priesthood Session

Pretty minor stuff here, since only President Uchtdorf changes his tie for every session. But boy can we count on him for golds, yellows, and corals!

How about Brother Randall L. Ridd with his green and blue striped tie? And how about is tan? And his quote of the night, “A smartphone doesn’t make you smart.”

Saturday Afternoon Session

Oh my goodness. Who doesn’t love Elder Zivic? The accent! The tie! This man is a legend. We demand he speak in every General Conference.

Stripes really picked things up in this session, and red continues its stranglehold on all colors. Big love to Elder Zwick’s bluer than blue tie. I feel like I need to try out for the Kansas City Royals/

Saturday Morning Session

Well we’re off to an auspicious start. Patterns are ruling the day, with stripes bringing up the rear. President Eyring turned everything on its head, though, with his nearly burlap-esque textured tie.

No surprises so far on color: red dominates. And the pink/coral tie by President Uchtdorf was pretty much the only non-powery one on display so far.

Stay tuned for the Saturday Afternoon session!

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