We’re joined this week by comedian Steve Soelberg. The man is a visionary. Give him your love.

The Church unofficially releases some official thoughts on Ordain Women via Michael Otterson. Hopefully the Church does not also release Brother Otterson.

Why haven’t we had more converts to the Church? 2013 saw 4% growth out of 40% more missionaries. In layman’s terms, that’s just a bad ROI. Check out our post from last weekend about the real reason behind lowering the age barrier for missionaries.

LDS.org gets a new homepage and we revisit LDS.org homepages of yore. Joins us on this journey of discovery.

MTC expansion plans are detailed, including a theme park-like drop-off area for missionaries. This is Church 2.0, people.

The Church’s survey of BYU students blows up in its face after “heterosexual” is the only response to the question, “What is your sexual orientation.” Someone at the research division just joined the job market.

Those Mormon coins from last week sold for a ton of money.

Should you call off a relationship because of pornography addiction? Check out this Ask Angela column and throw in your two cents.

Other news: Neon Trees talk Mormonism; Glenn Beck is now our prophet, seer, and instigator; the Ogden Temple gets its rededication package; and tons more!

Also check out Steve Soelberg on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, et al. Just don’t go to his website, whatever you do.

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