Old Testament Lesson 16: “I Cannot Go Beyond the Word of the Lord”

Numbers 22; 31 - Balak tries to persuade Balaam to turn God against Israel. Why does Balaam waffle on his commitment? Why is God angry with Balaam?

Balak and Balam Get into Some Bedlam

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sundayschoolOTsmallNumbers 22; 31

  • Balak attempts to persuade Balaam, a prophet, to get God to turn on Israel.
  • Balaam is tempted by riches and power and half-heartedly reject Balak, but still goes to Moab
  • Why was God furious with Balaam?
  • What do we learn from the talking donkey?
  • Kurt from LeadingLDS joins us
  • Teacher’s manual
  • Student manual

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