Episode #222 – Elder Ballard’s Tweet Heard ‘Round the World

The Boss

The Boss

Elder Ballard and friends jump onto this new Twitter trend. Why does Utah love plastic surgery? Women are added to the Ensign leadership roster. Subscribe!

Elder Ballard joins Twitter and tweets once. President Uchtdorf joins Twitter and tweets none. Elder Holland joins Twitter and posts a selfie.

Has technology become your enemy on the Sabbath? Is it preventing you from actually partaking of the heavenly gift?

Ordain Women publishes some cogent and thoughtful remarks on Elder Oaks’ recent General Conference talk. What are your thoughts?

Women in elevated leadership positions in the Church are now included in the General Authority roster in the Ensign. Where do we draw the line? Why is that boring auditing report guy not shown?!

The Tabernacle Choir retires 28 people. And by “retires” we mean forces “voluntary” resignations. Also, random historians randomly stumble upon a random daguerreotype of the first director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Utah has the highest number of web searches pertaining to breast augmentation procedures. Yes. Why does Utah lead America in plastic surgery and boob jobs? Seriously, ladies, we want to understand this weird facet of Utah Mormon culture.

Mormons Building Bridges is rejected from having their float in the forthcoming Days of ’47 parade, probably because no one in 1847 was building bridges with the LGBT community.

The number of organized Church units is growing at a faster clip than actual membership, which is a wonderful sign for retention and reactivation. Also, some news on new stakes and other Church growth.

Other news: life is hard for missionaries but they are serious about what they do; J. Reuben Clark was super angry about the atomic bomb on Japan; and President Uchtdorf dedicates the Ft. Lauderdale Florida Temple after enjoying South Florida’s cultural “offerings.”

Oh, and lots of talk about jeans.

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