The LDS Church publishes more transparency articles on, this one on violence and misunderstanding in the early days of the Church, particularly with regard to the Danites, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, a confused Benjamin Harrison, and lots of stuff. It’s a good read.

All missionaries previously moved out of eastern Ukraine and Crimea who were taking refuge elsewhere in the Dnepropetrovsk Mission are now being sent to complete their missions in their native lands. Sad, but God has a hand in everything.

Is BYU eventually going to give up sports? Do they even make a profit on their sports programs?

How was your Mother’s Day? Did you get sweets? Roses? Cards? The Church put out a great video that shows we care about more than just sharing theology. Mormons care about people.

Other stuff: Mormon Prom Report; Morgan Spurlock (Super-Size Me) spends time with Mormon missionaries; a new meetinghouse in Idaho (yes!) and check out our comedian friend, Ryan Hamilton on Conan.

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