Episode #227 – Neckties of Righteousness

The Boss

The Boss

Mormons Building Bridges marches for gay rights. Should neckties be banned at church? Oh yes! Do we talk about modesty too much? NPR visits the MTC.

Greetings! Mormons Building Bridges marches in Utah’s gay pride parade, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir allegedly sings “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in honor of them, replete with, well, a rainbow.

What’s up with neckties? Do you wear one? Should neckties be abolished? Robert Kirby of the Salt Lake Tribune thinks that neckties are a joke at church and should be done away with. We believe that Robert Kirby is a hedonist.

Also, a study shows that Mormon-published magazines since 2000 are using the term “modesty” at an increasing rate. Why? Do we focus too much on modesty? Not that it’s not important, but is modesty more important than, say, reducing poverty?

Great NPR on Missionary Training Center (MTC) language training programs. We love this mainstream coverage for the Church!

Book of Mormon musical producers are fed up with pro-Mormon stuff being put in the playbills at performances of the Broadway hit. Case in point: a showing in Detroit recently canceled the promos for the LDS missionary film The Saratov Approach.

Assorted: Random mention of the Church on a TNT crime drama; Utah gay couples who got married need to wait a bit longer for legal perks; a disgruntled Daily Universe writer abhors filthy comedy from members of Humor U who were not acting on Humor U’s behalf.

And more!

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