Kate Kelly and John Dehlin receive notices of disciplinary council and possible excommunication for their involvement/creation of Ordain Women and Mormon Stories, respectively. The Internet has been ablaze. Are we past the days of the September Six? Do we truly need to “purge” the body of the Church to keep it pure?

We spend a good portion of this episode discussing this major news, and what actions, in particular, might have resulted in the ensuing notices to Kate Kelly and John Dehlin.

As we strive to be objective, we welcome your insights into this difficult matter. Where’s the line between free speech, questioning, doubt, etc., and apostasy? This is what hangs in the balance.

Kelly and Dehlin also appeared on RadioWest for a series of interesting interviews. They were followed in a separate episode by Ally Isom of LDS Public Affairs. We’ll link to all episodes below. Give them a listen.

And since there are still other things going on in the world: Mormon Church sued over copyright infringement based on the King James Bible; the Ukraine Donetsk Mission completely closes; LDS Family Services is doing away with direct adoption services; and Mormon Helping Hands gets involved in the Brazil World cup. Those yellow vests oughta stick out in a sea of Brazil supporters…. *cough*


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