Ordain Women founder Kate Kelly is excommunicated on charges of apostasy. Many are angry. Some seem too jubilant. Isn’t there somewhere in the middle for us to meet?

More importantly, we work through the rationale behind Kate Kelly’s excommunication without judging whether we think it should or shouldn’t have happened. This has been a battle of perceptions and had Ordain Women changed tack a little bit, much of this could have been avoided.

Did Kate Kelly plan on being a self-conceived martyr? What does this mean for the future of Ordain Women? More importantly, are we seeing polarization now in the Church because of this issue?

Should Cliven Bundy be excommunicated? We’re not serious about it, but lots of Kate Kelly supporters are.

A farcical site about restoring polygamy goes up. Because, you know, they feel like they are being robbed of something they feel.

Gay marriage cannot be banned in Utah, says the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Get ready, Utah, gay marriage is coming. How do we prepare for this as Latter-day Saints?

Elder Holland visits Cuba and organizes the country’s second branch. Now for that Pyongyang North Korea Stake….

Progress on the Paris Temple; crappy temple socks; board game moguls; misquoting Clayton Christensen, and more!


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