A discussion on where the proverbial line is for Mormons and the sort of industries and professions they should or can support. How do we reconcile our spiritual standards and morals with the need for employment? This is actually a pretty interesting discussion.

Many Mormon women at BYU are victims of sexual violence. Are acts of sexual violence against women any worse among Mormons than the overall populace? While we dislike the notion that the onus is upon women to prevent men from thinking evil thoughts, we also believe that every little bit helps.

Missionary numbers are set to cap at about 88,000 later this year, then will decline and plateau. Also, all missionaries in North America and Western Europe will now get iPads to do the work. Because technology!

How do we fix testimonies? LDS Living has a how-t0 guide that we don’t really love. We offer our own list.

Google bans porn ads in its ad network, which is a big moral stand. There is no economic benefit for doing this.

Ordain Women supporters now live in fear. They are PETRIFIED.

Also – Mormon crickets on the upswing, and the rise of Mormons in the Caucasus region.