Are you happy? How do we measure long-term happiness?

Israel and Gaza are having a firebomb party. Is there a moral obligation within Mormonism to support Israel? Why do Mormons not support Palestine?

Kate Kelly writes her letter of threat appeal to her bishop and stake president. She is none too pleased. Nor should she be.

Also, the amorality of Friends.

Does Mormonism need to do more in the area of international aid? We’re great at sending crates of goods, but what about functioning as a legitimate NGO?

What’s up with our morality around R-rated moves? Jana Riess doesn’t like it, but she does love The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Other stuff: Sunstone Symposium is underway; Affirmation encourages gay Mormons to read the Book of Mormon; Church growth in Cambodia; Cliven Bundy’s Hawaiian spiritual heir; FamilySearch indexing records; Manti Tabernacles. And much more!

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