Episode #238 – Two Strangers Sit Down to Talk About Jesus. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

The Boss

The Boss

We respond to your comments on Elder Bednar's social media chat. Also, how do we keep missionaries from coming home early? BYUtv meets its critics.

For this week’s episode name, we took inspiration from Elder Bednar’s social media talk. The best way to spread our love is via click bait titles of posts!

Sadly, we’ve had three missionary deaths over the weekend – two elders in Taiwan and one sister in Oklahoma. Our thoughts with the families and those immediately affected.

Related stuff: a blogger argues missionaries should have weekly Skype calls home, right after we hold their hand through every step of their mission and make sure they never endure adversity.

Seminary requirements are changing. Now you actually have to read the entire book that’s being taught in a given year. So what we’re saying is, one must actually read the presented material. This is madness! Also, there will be tests. So will this strengthen those who exist or dissuade fence-sitters from continued involvement?

Al receives lots of barbs for his remarks on last week’s show about Elder Bednar’s social media plan. We recap. We have more thoughts. This will never end. Also, the Marriott Center literally flooded, per Elder Bednar’s request.

BYUtv meets with the Television Critics Association for the first time, and the critics use the opportunity to question BYUtv’s interpretation of “family entertainment.” The better question, folks, is ABC Family’s definition of “family,” because I wouldn’t want my kids watching seventy percent of what’s on there!

Other stuffs: a brief history of financial transparency in the Church; ground broken at the Meridian Idaho Temple; President Monson turns 87; Ed Lamb of Southern Utah University is not LDS but is a great person, anyway; and some updates on stake organizations, et al.

And gay greeting cards at the BYU Bookstore. There is a God, and he has a plan for us all.


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