Old Testament Lesson 29: “He Took Up … the Mantle of Elijah” – Elisha forever

Elisha succeeds Elijah as prophet, taking upon himself Elijah's mantle. What about Elisha, the kids, and the bears? Also, Naaman is healed through faith.

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sundayschoolOTsmall2 Kings 2-6

  • Elijah prepares Elisha to be the new prophet? What was the nature of their relationship?
  • Elisha takes Elijah’s mantle before Elijah is translated.
  • Elisha mocks Jehoram for his idolatry.
  • Elisha + kids + bears = wackiness
  • Naaman is healed through obedience to Elisha
  • Dustin Homer is back!
  • Teacher’s manual
  • Student manual

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