Elder Ballard is an old man and tells stupid jokes. Sometimes these jokes aren’t so well received, such as one he gave at a training that was leaked on YouTube. Let’s break down chauvinism within the Church.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir apparently offers us 5 lessons on leadership. Al contests all of these.

General Conference will now allow speakers to give their remarks in the language of their choosing. We are pushing for some Pawnee from Elder EchoHawk.

The Mormon Newsroom goes after prominent blogger Jana Riess in what can only be described as a strange reaction to content that doesn’t exist. Listen in to get more details.

Denver Snuffer, now excommunicated after about a year, is claiming the mantle as a prophet. He’s got new doctrine, new practices, and a bevy of stuff to offer, but it’s not a church. OK.

Assorted news: Gladys Knight’s conversion story, John the Beloved or one of the Three Nephites saves a sister missionary, and a happy Mormon novel is allegedly plagiarized into a sex romp