Episode #241 – Neylan McBaine – “Women at Church”

Author, blogger, and all-around great gal Neylan McBaine joins us for a massive show where we talk about women's issues in the Church, plus plenty of news.

Author and founder of The Mormon Women Project Neylan McBaine joins us in the studio this week to talk about her new book, Women at Church: Magnifying LDS Women’s Local Impact, as well as a lengthy discussion on gender issues in the Church. She also joins us for the news! Huzzah! Use the links below to visit Neylan, and make sure to read our review of her book.

And speaking of that news, Ordain Women has announced their next steps, which do not include another march on Temple Square. Rather, now it appears they want women to view Priesthood Meeting at their local buildings, which they were always able to do in the first place before Ordain Women started this whole thing. One eternal round, folks.

President Benson will be featured in next year’s manual for Teachings of the Presidents of the Church. Are you listening, Grady?

FamilySearch wants your grandma. Or rather, they want your grandma to regale them with grandma-esque tales of the good ol’ days. But really, this is a big push. Call Grams!

Did you know that Mormons prefer Republicans? What?! We’re serious!

There are rumors of a massive Provo Temple expansion/remodel once the Provo City Center Temple is done. We have mixed feelings about this. #leaveprovoprovo

Wanna see Meet the Mormons outside of Utah? Well, you’ll have to petition to get it, because markets outside of Utah don’t really care. And yet, Utah is the least necessary market. This is real life.

LCR is slowly rolling out to replace MLS for clerking and other administrative functions. Listen in for details.

Other news: A dramatized, fictional film about one woman’s fight to join the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is underway; some genius built a Deseret alphabet translator; former Presiding Bishop H. David Burton will now head up the Utah Transit Authority’s Board, giving him free FrontRunner use all the live-long day; a missionary wins his lawsuit against a musk ox; Mormons using social media to push back on so-called antiquated Church policies; and MORMONS VS ZOMBIES.

This is a king size show this week, folks! We thought of splitting it into two downloads, but we’re not chumps, so we didn’t. Enjoy!


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